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We are committed to helping you reach and maintain a healthy weight. You are not a dieting machine. We do not expect perfection and neither should you.

Message from Lisa Beale

My father was Dr. Beale. He was the area’s first physician to recognize and treat obesity. I vowed after his death in 2004 that I would continue his legacy. There are other weight loss facilities with more money for advertising, and there are always new “miracle” weight loss drugs. We only use my father’s plans and medications because they have remained safe and effective since 1974.

What you will also get at Dr.Beale’s office is “The Truth.” Any negative reviews are because I would not lie to people and tell them they could lose weight eating something that my father knew would not be helpful. My father stressed to me that anything but The Truth was “stealing money from people.”

Lastly, I am always very responsive to emails and calls both before and during your journey. All contacts through our website come to me. I respond ASAP even after hours and on weekends. I can call you too. My email address is

Thank you for your time and please Contact Me with any questions.

Lisa Beale

Your Weight Is NOT Your Fault

— It Is Not About Will Power.

Life is still happening while you are getting to a healthy weight. You will never be a failure at Dr. Beale's Medical Weight Loss. You are simply a person trying their best to live a healthy life.

You Will Learn

  • Why many popular diet and exercise plans DO NOT work for you
  • Why simply "eating healthy" is not getting you to a healthy weight
  • How this is a two-step process: First you must "Eat To Lose" and second you must "Eat to Maintain"
  • How to set milestones
  • How to manage hunger and cravings
  • How to overcome plateaus
  • How to deal with everyday life along your journey to a healthy weight

Before Choosing a Weight Loss Program:

Ask the Following Questions

Why Get Control Of Your Weight Now?

Let's be honest — it is a difficult world out there right now. Stress levels are at an all-time high. Uncertainty has replaced "security" because of our economic condition. People are unsure about everything, including tomorrow. Because of these elevated stress levels, existing debilitative conditions such as hypertension, diabetes, heart disease and arthritis will only get worse. Many doctors agree that a modest weight loss of only 5% will reduce, prevent, or eliminate many of the symptoms of these diseases.

Losing Weight Safely is Important

Your overall health and safety are of utmost importance to us. Dr. Beale was very adamant about this and we continue his legacy of caring. We want you to lose weight, but we do not want you to have any side effects. You will be given our 24-hour contact number to quickly address any issues or concerns along your journey to a healthy weight.

Your One-On-One Counseling Is Weekly
We want to make sure you are losing your desired weight. If you hit a plateau, we find a solution to fix it immediately. We help you right away with any challenges that you may be facing. We will not leave you alone to figure it out on your own.

Medication & Injection On Site
You will receive all of your medication and vitamin B12 / lipotropic fatburner injection on site at our office during your weekly visits. You will NOT have to make an extra trip and incur additional cost to fill your prescription at the pharmacy, or wait for your medication to be delivered to you off site.

After your first visit, all subsequent visits are on a walk in basis. This way you do not have to come at an exact time or exact day each week. You are not even required to attend the same office location. This gives you the flexibility to have your weekly office visits based on what fits your schedule. You will rarely wait more than 5 minutes before being seen.

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You Can Live a Healthier Life

We will help you set a realistic goal based on your "current life." It is not necessary to get back to your high school or college weight or to the weight you were before you started having children or reached menopause. We will get you to a healthy weight that you can MAINTAIN.

We will develop your healthy eating plan for your daily life that takes into account your schedule, job, family, stress, social life, medical condition, lack of time and budget. We help you set up a healthy environment that encourages healthy choices.

  • Are you ready to feel better?
  • Are you ready to sleep better?
  • Are you ready to move around better?
  • Are you ready to deal with stress better?
  • Are you ready to lessen the aches and pains of carrying excess weight?
  • Are you ready to lessen the effects from some of your medical conditions?

Dr. Beale's Philosophy

Dr. Beale was a medical weight loss pioneer. He realized over 40 years ago that many of the illnesses he was treating including hypertension, diabetes, heart disease and arthritis were either caused by or worsened by being overweight. He wanted to help patients lose weight so that they would not have to be on as many medications and suffer the side effects of those illnesses.

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Lisa Beale "Obesity Tapes" Interview

Lisa Beale discusses strategies for overcoming today's challenges in losing weight, along with the pioneering work of her late father Dr. Beale in his treatment of obesity.

Take Action — Change Your Life Today

Please call, email or fill out Request Information if you have any questions or to make an appointment. To schedule your First Visit/Physical Exam Appointment Click Here. The phone forwards to whichever location is open. You may call any day regardless of which location you want to visit.

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Affordable Prices — Convenient Long Hours
Friendly Staff — 40+ Years In Business

No Hidden Weekly Contracts, Charges or Extra Fees

Financial Challenges

During this stressful time, many of us can overeat and gain weight.

I DO NOT want this to happen.

Please call me and I will work out a payment plan for you.

Lisa Beale

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