Get Control of Your Weight NOW

Expected Results

We will help you get to a healthy weight. The important thing about coming to Beale Medical Weight Loss is that your plan will be SAFE and EFFECTIVE! We are committed to getting you to your goal. Women lose 11-13 pounds per month, men close to 15. And just as important, we will teach you how to maintain your healthy weight. !! Lose 30 lbs by the Summer !!

First Visit – Physical Exam

Blood work, blood pressure, urinalysis, height, weight, body measurements, medical/diet history & physician consultation. Fee $220 The first visit takes 60–90 minutes.

Payment Plan – bring in $150, get (4) weeks to pay off the balance – No Interest.  FSA/HSA accepted.

Let us know if you have Medicaid, Medicare, or a public health insurance plan. With other insurance, we can give you an itemized statement to submit and they may reimburse you based on your coverage.

Weekly Plan

After your initial visit, the physicians will determine the safe weight loss strategy based on your lab tests, history, medications, and current health. This is why we are unable to tell you your exact eating and medication plan until we get your results.

* Appetite Suppressants – curtails hunger & cravings

* Vitamin B12 / Lipo Fat Burner Injection – better energy, metabolizes FAT

* Eating Plan – regular grocery store food

* One-on-One Counseling – may be done remotely

Fee $40 / week

Weekly visits last about 15 minutes and are on a walk-in basis. This gives you flexibility based on your schedule. You will rarely wait more than 5 minutes before being seen.

There is no contract or minimum length of time that you must be on the program. 

Remote Counseling

If physically coming into the office every week will be a challenge, we offer weekly counseling via video, phone, and email for no additional charge.


Downtown DC:  1712 I St, NW, Washington, DC
SE DC: 2041 MLK Ave, SE, Washington, DC
Fairfax, VA: 3020 Hamaker Ct, Fairfax, VA

Reach Out To Me ANYTIME

I am Lisa Beale, Dr. Beale was my father. You will always be able to contact me with any questions both before and during your weight loss journey. This is my personal email address.  My personal cell phone is 202-709-0020. We can set up a FaceTime call if you prefer. I am very responsive even after hours and on weekends – I will be able to reach the physicians immediately if needed.

Ask these questions as you research your Medical Weight Loss options

Does the physician perform a physical examination and laboratory tests BEFORE dispensing medications and giving injections?

Is it hard to get a straight answer as to how much the program will actually cost?

If you want Personal Weekly Counseling will it cost more?

Are medications dispensed on site?

Are you pushed to buy Products and Supplements?

How responsive are they to your questions or concerns?

Let us get you to your desired weight!!


1712 I St., NW

Suite 604

Washington, DC 20006

Wednesdays & Thursdays

7:00am - 2:00pm
3:00pm - 6:00pm

Near Farragut West (17th St exit) and

Farragut North (K St exit) Metro Stations


2041 Martin L. King, Jr. Ave., SE

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Washington, DC 20020

Tuesdays & Fridays

7:00am - 2:00pm
3:00pm - 6:00pm

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