Healthy Lifestyle Program For Children

We are committed to helping children, ages 12 – 17, establish a healthy lifestyle which will ultimately result in them reaching and maintaining a healthy weight. Our health education treatment program is for adolescents, tweens, teens and young adults to help them make changes in their eating, physical activity and communication. The outcome will be decreased obesity, improved cardiovascular and physical fitness, and increased nutrition knowledge. You and your child will be taught the strategies and structure required for lifelong, healthy eating and exercise habits.

During the program, you and your child will learn to:

  • Implement a healthy, balanced eating plan, and still be able to enjoy family gatherings, parties and special occasions.
  • Develop better physical activity / exercise habits.
  • Reduce sedentary behaviors (activities that require little or no physical activity).
  • Maintain a healthy lifestyle, and therefore a healthy weight, over the long-term.

How the Program Works

First Visit To Dr. Beale’s Office

On your first visit, you and your child will be greeted at the front desk and given medical history, social history, and family history forms to complete and a urine specimen cup. Your child’s height, weight, blood pressure and body measurements will be taken by the medical assistant.

The medical doctor will review the forms with special emphasis on any medical problems that the child may have, any medications and/or supplements they are taking. You and your child’s current eating and exercise habits will be discussed.

If the child does not have Blood Test Results less than 6 months old, then we will provide an order for a local laboratory to get their blood drawn.

Your child will not receive the Healthy Lifestyle Program Plan on the first visit because we must review all of the intake information. This is important because we will be developing a healthy lifestyle treatment program that is safe, effective and manageable for your child’s current medical condition and situation.

On your first visit, you should be prepared to be in the office for 60 – 90 minutes.

Second Visit To Dr. Beale’s Office

You and your child’s visits are now on a walk-in basis and depend on which of our office locations and hours work for your schedule. You may come to any of our locations.

You and your child will be placed in a private consultation room where we will discuss your child’s physical examination results, laboratory results, eating plan, exercise plan, goals and journaling.

The options for medications and supplements will be discussed and determined by you and the medical doctor.

All of your questions will be answered at this time. You will be reminded that your child is not expected to have any side effects either from the treatment program. We will emphasize that you have an after hours / emergency number to call later if you think of another question to ask.

The total time can be from 15 – 25 minutes depending on the complexity of your child’s medical situation and the number of questions you need answered.

Subsequent Weekly Office Visits

Each week you and your child will consult with one of the physicians, Lisa Beale or Ms. Leavy. We will review and discuss your child’s journal. Progress will be commended and challenges will be discussed with strategies and / or adjustments to address those issues.

You and your child may physically come into the office for these visits. However, if physically coming into the office is a challenge due to your schedule, traffic, parking, metro, travel, etc., you may have your child’s one-on-one weekly counseling done REMOTELY via phone or video chat.

** You must attend all visits, whether in person or remotely with your child.

Monthly In Person Visits

At least Once A Month, it is requested that you and your child physically come into the office for the one-on-one counseling sessions. This is because once a month we want to record your child’s height, weight, blood pressure and take their body measurements. The comparison will be used to determine if any adjustments need to be made to your child’s Healthy Lifestyle Program.

** You must attend this visit with your child.

Weekly Fitness Sessions

Each week your child will have the opportunity to join other children in the Healthy Lifestyle Program for group physical activity sessions that will focus on cardio, flexibility, strength and performance. Fitness Sessions will be scheduled during after school and weekends. At this time, the Fitness Sessions will be held in the Fairfax County area, but we are looking to expand locations in the near future.

Program Cost

$1,300 – Initial 3 Months, all inclusive – intake assessment, physical exam, laboratory tests, eating plan, weekly one-on-one counseling sessions, weekly group fitness sessions, medications and / or injections if needed, and access to unlimited phone and email support.

Payment may be broken into 2 payments of $660, or 3 payments of $445.

$1,050 – Each Subsequent 3 Months, all inclusive – laboratory tests (as needed), eating plan, weekly one-on-one counseling sessions, weekly group fitness sessions, medications and / or injections if needed, and access to unlimited phone and email support.

Payment may be broken into 2 payments of $535, or 3 payments of $360.

IMPORTANT – Please Read

There are two important things for the Healthy Lifestyle Program to be successful for your child.

  • 1. Your child MUST want to make the changes necessary to live a healthy lifestyle. If they are in any way being “forced” to do this program, they will probably not be successful.
  • 2. You as the parent MUST be willing to support your child in making the changes, as well as, setting an example for your child in implementing a healthy lifestyle. Without YOUR help they probably will not be as successful.

There is a lot of information out there about childhood obesity, the causes and the solutions. If your child’s current lifestyle is not keeping them at a healthy weight then adjustments must be made.

Dr. Beale’s Medical Weight Loss has been personally counseling people who struggle with their weight since 1974. In those tens of thousands of conversations with adults, we know many of their weight loss / food issues were developed while they were children.

Dr. Beale’s Medical Weight Loss wants to STOP the trend of obesity that starts in childhood. The Lifestyle changes are not difficult to implement, but changes must be made. Once you and your child see the progress, it will get much easier.

Please discuss with your child their interest in living a healthy lifestyle, and then reach out to us with any questions and information on how to get started.

Lisa Beale

Have More Questions About Our Healthy Lifestyle Program For Children?

The decision to help your child with their weight is a major life change — it’s normal to have questions. Get in touch with us by sending a message through the web form. You can also call our office at 202-463-7872 or 571-765-1474 and we will address your concerns.

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Financial Challenges

During this stressful time, many of us can overeat and gain weight.

I DO NOT want this to happen.

Please call me and I will work out a payment plan for you.

Lisa Beale

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