Maintenance Plan

There are many cases of people losing weight and then regaining back that weight and even more.
At Beale Medical Weight Loss, it is just as important for us to help you lose the weight as it is for us to help you maintain your weight loss.

Here is a good way to look at it… Your weight is like your hair. When you go to the salon and get the perfect haircut, color and style, you know that you must do certain things in order to maintain that look.
If you color your brown hair blond, it still grows in brown. If you color your grey hair black, it still grows in grey. If you put a relaxer in your wavy hair it still grows in wavy. You must implement the correct regimen to maintain your blond or black or straight hair.

Weight is the same way. Your body wants to “grow” back to its natural state. We teach you how to maintain your weight loss so that you will not gain it back.

Reasons to start the Maintenance Plan

Let Us Know When

  • You have reached your goal weight; or
  • You’ve lost 30 lbs, even though you initially wanted to lose 40 lbs, and are happy with your current weight; or
  • Something changes with your schedule, lifestyle, family situation, job or health that makes you unable to come in for your weekly visits.
  • We want to keep the lines of communication open so that you will get to a healthy weight AND maintain your weight loss!

    Ready To Get Started?

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