Telemed Medical Weight Loss

Available for those who live in Washington DC, Maryland or Virginia

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Life has changed… stress levels are up, gyms are closed, we are home all day, etc!

We want to eat healthy and get regular exercise, but right now, this is more easily said than done.

No matter how much you are trying to lose, weight loss medications, vitamin B12, the proper eating plan and one-on-one counseling can help accelerate your progress.

If you’ve struggled to lose weight with diet and exercise alone, Beale Medical Weight Loss can help!

We can now conduct your initial and continued visits Remotely from your home or office.

Safe & Effective

Robert S. Beale, MD (1942-2004) started treating obesity in 1974. His daughter, Lisa Beale, along with Medical Director, Louis Brill, MD continued Dr. Beale’s legacy of caring after his untimely death.

We will help you get to a healthy weight. Your Intake Consultation at Beale Medical Weight Loss will allow Dr. Brill to create an eating & medication plan that is SAFE and EFFECTIVE for you! We are committed to getting you to your goal. And just as important, we will teach you how to maintain your healthy weight.

First Visit – Telemed Intake Consultation

* Consultation with Dr. Brill – discuss blood work, medical history, eating history and goals.

* Weight loss eating plan (regular grocery store food) – will be emailed and reviewed.

* Oral medications for appetite control – 2 week supply.

* Vitamin B12 to help with your energy level while you are losing weight.

There are 2 Vitamin B12 options:

1. Sublingual B12: pill format, taken one per day.

2. Lipo B12: injection format, contains B12 & Lipotropic Fat Burner (injection format, all supplies for 6 injections), taken every 2-5 days. We teach you how to Self Administer the injection.

You will discuss with Dr. Brill which Vitamin B12 option is best for you.

* We process payment for the balance of your Telemed Intake Consultation.

* Your Medication is shipped via USPS First Class. FREE SHIPPING

Price – this is a One Time Fee for the Intake Consultation
Sublingual B12 pill format – $245 or
Lipo B12 injection format – $275

Biweekly Consultations

May be done by phone, email or video.

* One-on-One counseling to discuss your progress, challenges and questions.

* (2) weeks of oral medications for appetite control.

* Vitamin B12 Options
Sublingual B12 pill format – $80 or
Lipo B12 injection format – $126

FREE SHIPMENT of supplies

* You will always have access to Lisa Beale, including weekends. Phone 202-709-0020, Email

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