Our History

Robert S. Beale, Jr., M.D., along with his assistant Ms. Idelle Leavy, started treating people with weight loss issues in Washington, DC in 1974. Dr. Beale was the area’s first physician to recognize and treat obesity.

Dr. Beale was born in Prairie View, Texas, grew up in Durham, North Carolina. He received both his Bachelor of Science (Zoology) and Medical Degrees at Howard University in Washington, DC.

In February 1971, after serving in the United States Public Health Service, he opened an office for the private practice of family medicine in the Washington, DC suburb of Glenarden, Maryland. Dr. Beale became interested in specializing in weight reduction in 1974 because he realized that many of the illnesses that he was treating such as diabetes, hypertension, heart disease, cholesterol and arthritis were either caused by or worsened by being overweight.

In 1977, he joined the American Society of Bariatric Physicians (ASBP), an organization of physicians dedicated to the ethical treatment of obesity and eating disorders. Dr. Beale had specialized training and more than 30 years of experience in treating obesity and related overweight conditions.

Sadly, Dr. Beale was killed in an automobile accident on November 13, 2004. He was a weight loss pioneer for over 30 years. Since his untimely death, his oldest daughter, Lisa Beale, is proud to have continued his legacy. To hear his voice about our program, please click here to listen to a recorded message. And for a little more insight into the man that Dr. Beale was, read Thoughts From Daddy’s Little Girl.

Lisa Beale and Dr. Brill, Medical Director, continue to be committed to helping people live healthy lives. Beale Medical Weight Loss continues to use Dr. Beale’s plans and medications. They have remained safe and effective since 1974.

Beale Medical Weight Loss is the top medical weight loss center in the Washington, DC community. Our resident medical staff has the training, experience, and knowledge to walk with patients through their weight loss journey from start to finish.

Our Personal Approach

Our experienced weight loss physicians and counselors treat each weight loss patient individually. You can be sure that we will choose the proper medication for you and your weight loss program. This is why our weight loss program differs from sales-oriented, commercial clinics. We only hire medical professionals who ensure there is not a one-size-fits-all approach to weight loss.

Our Approach to Medication

We dispense your medications to you free of charge. You will not have to go to a pharmacy to get your prescriptions filled. We carefully investigated the possible side effects of any medication or combination of medications we dispense. And we ensure you are properly educated on the medications you are taking.

Dr. Beale was the only weight loss doctor on the east coast of the United States that never gave the Phen-Fen combination, the Redux, or Pondimin to any of his patients. Dr. Beale knew that they were dangerous because he had read, studied, and evaluated the medical literature. He discovered that these medications were dangerous alone and in combination.

For a long time, Dr. Beale was a lonely voice in the weight loss wilderness, warning patients and other physicians about the dangers of medications. Almost no one wanted to listen. Unfortunately, the patients who did not listen were influenced by the media and other physicians and their health was affected. You can trust us to watch out for your health.

What you get at Beale Medical Weight Loss is the truth. Dr. Beale always stressed that anything but the truth was “stealing money from people”. We live by those standards daily.

Who Are Beale Medical Weight Loss Patients?

Beale Medical Weight Loss patients are 85% female and 15% male, ranging in age from 17 years to 77 years old. Their starting weights have been from 110 pounds to over 600 pounds. Washington, DC is an international city and our patients reflect that fact. They include people of all careers, demographics and nationalities.

Call 202-463-7872 or email Lisabeale@docbeale.com if you have any questions. To schedule your Intake Consultation Appointment you may also fill out the online form and we will reply shortly.


Your itemized statement will have the complete codes needed for insurance reimbursement of your medical weight loss treatment. Please contact your insurance company for their payment policy for weight loss services. Unfortunately, at this time most insurance companies do not pay for weight loss services up front. This means full payment will need to be made at the time of service.

However, if you have a health savings credit card with the Visa/Mastercard logo, then you may be able to use it for payment and we will provide you with the appropriate itemized statement for services.

We want to help you live a healthy life, no matter your financial situation. Contact us to discuss payment plan options.

If you have Medicaid / Medicare / MCO or FSA please call us 202-463-7872.

Tax Deduction

According to a recent IRS ruling, you may be able to deduct the cost of your medical weight loss treatment. Treatment specifically for obesity can now be claimed as a medical deduction. We will give you an itemized statement with the complete codes needed for your taxes. Please talk with your tax advisor.

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