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Before choosing a weight loss program, ask the following questions:

How long has the physician been treating overweight problems?

Lack of experience is not necessarily bad, but years of experience are better.

Dr. Beale’s Medical Weight Loss has been treating overweight problems since 1974. We are the Washington, DC area’s oldest and most successful medical weight loss practice.

Does the physician perform a physical examination and laboratory tests before dispensing medications and giving injections?

A physician who just prescribes medication & injections without a full medical work-up is not cautious enough for you to trust.

A new patient MUST have a physical examination and laboratory tests at Dr. Beale’s Medical Weight Loss BEFORE any eating plan or medication is given. The weight loss program has to be SAFE & EFFECTIVE based on your current medical condition.

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Is there an emphasis on money and payments for the program, but it is hard to get a straight answer as to how much the program will actually cost?

Some programs are run by non-medical entrepreneurs whose major interest is the financial bottom line. They may not have your best health interests in mind.

Dr. Beale’s Medical Weight Loss is “pay as you go.” You will NEVER have to leave your credit card info for your weekly program, pay in advance of being seen or sign a contract. We do not have complicated plans that make you pay more money to get the help you need. You only pay $40 when you actually come in for your weekly visit.

If you want to get WEEKLY counseling about your weight loss program does it cost more?

Many programs provide several weeks of pills, but counseling only rarely, and if so, there is an extra charge.

At Dr. Beale’s Medical Weight Loss you get weekly one-on-one weight loss counseling. Challenges, questions and issues that you may be having regarding the eating plan, your schedule, the medications and / or injection are handled sooner rather than later to ensure your continued weight loss.

Are medications dispensed On Site?

If you receive a written prescription for your medication, then you will have to make an additional trip to the pharmacy and incur an additional cost.

At Dr. Beale’s Medical Weight Loss all of your medications and vitamin B12 / lipotropic fat burner injections are dispensed directly to you at our office during your weekly visit.

Do you have to buy products such as foods, drinks, bars, solutions, extra medications, extra injections, etc.?

Programs which are selling a lot of products are in business to sell products and not necessarily to help you lose weight. Ask if they can help you without you buying any of their products.

Purchasing additional products is NEVER required or pushed at Dr. Beale’s Medical Weight Loss. You will receive all medications, the vitamin B12 / lipotropic fat burner injection, your eating plan and 1-on-1 counseling for $40 per week.

Does the physician or other staff members make you feel like you are getting a “sales pitch”?

Many weight loss facilities base the physician’s and other staff member’s pay on the amount of money they can get you to spend.

At Dr. Beale’s Medical Weight Loss you will NEVER feel like you are dealing with a “sales person.” No staff member’s pay is ever based in part or in whole on sales or commission. When you call to discuss your weight loss goals, you will speak with Lisa Beale.

Why Us 2

What are the customer reviews for those who have been in the program?

When you research online and ask around, you will hear complaints about other medical weight loss programs such as “they are out to push pills and make money”, “customer services is terrible and unprofessional,” “no counseling support”, and “too long of a wait for office visits.”

Dr. Beale’s Medical Weight Loss has a reputation from both word of mouth and online as being the place to go in DC for safe, medical weight loss with affordable prices, convenient hours, no long waiting times, and a professional, friendly staff.

What if you are having financial difficulties? Or are on a fixed income? Or have Medicaid, Medicare, AmeriHealth, TrustedHP or Medstar?

With many businesses if you do not have the money, they will not give you the service. They care about their bottom line, not your health.

At Dr. Beale’s Medical Weight Loss, we work out a plan with your financial situation so that you may get to a healthy weight. This includes helping people on a health assistance program like Medicaid & Medicare — even if you are from Maryland or Virginia. Please CALL.

Does the physician treat overweight problems on a full time basis?

Some clinics hire moonlighting physicians who do not have a true interest in treating overweight problems. Some physicians treat overweight problems as a “sideline” while their true interests lie elsewhere.

Dr. Beale’s Medical Weight Loss has treated obesity and obesity-related medical conditions FULL TIME since 1974.

Did the physician or the clinic ever prescribe Phen-Fen, Redux, Pondamin, fenfluramine, dexfenfluramine, Meridia or Xenical?

Careful physicians were never involved with these drugs because the dangers were evident from the European literature before the drugs were aggressively marketed in the United States. How can you trust a physician or clinic now who made such a grievous error in the recent past?

Dr. Beale NEVER prescribed these drugs that were all taken off the market by the FDA.

Is the physician himself or herself obese?

A physician who will not control their own weight does not have the credibility to help you lose weight.

The physicians at Dr. Beale’s Medical Weight Loss are not obese.

Have More Questions About Our Weight Loss Program?

The decision to lose weight is a major life change — it’s normal to have questions. Get in touch with us by sending a message through the web form. You can also call our office at 202-463-7872 and we can address your concerns. To schedule your First Visit/Physical Exam Appointment Click Here.

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